/PLY/ is an architectural practice founded on the principle of a cohesive lamination of individual layers creating a single materialisation.



as verb and noun:

v. To join together, as by molding or twisting

Our core philosophy is that the client is an integral part of the design process, creating a seamless bond between client and architect, architecture and the environment, architect and builder, architect and consultants, and the founders themselves.

n. A thickness or layer of a folded or laminated material

As a multi layered practice, we bring together a synergy of imagination and experience to ensure we provide creative, yet attainable architecture.

v. To practice or perform diligently

Our systematic approach to practice and diligence in performing our work maintains high levels of quality and consistency.

Our vision is to create design that enhances and contributes, at an individual project level and within the broader environment. We approach every project with the understanding that client needs and project requirements vary, allowing all outcomes to be unique. As project and client needs are paramount, we are passionate about providing quality service with honesty, value and professionalism, no matter the project size or scope.

Our core values favour quality over quantity, honest expression of materials, contrasting textures and timeless design principles, rather than echoing fleeting trends. Exterior and interior are viewed holistically; spatial and material compositions flow from outside to in. Basic principles applied to every design are a balance of form and function, fundamental environmental principles including orientation, positioning, material application, natural light, ventilation, shading and energy efficiency, as well as advanced construction knowledge.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.


Benjamin Edwards

Founding Director


+61 439 823 617

Benjamin’s specific expertise lies in conceptual development, visual communication and stakeholder consultation. Benjamin is a member of the Australian Institute of Architects and has a dedicated interest in the theoretical semantics of Architecture and the translation into practical design applications: he has developed a high understanding of successful public infrastructure and social interaction space through innovation and unconventional design applications in both residential and commercial outcomes. His contribution to design has had recognition in the professional arena for selected individual projects.

Benjamin began his studies at the University of South Australia, completing his architecture degree in 2009 and completed his Master of Architecture at the University of South Australia in 2011. He is engaged in ongoing studio educator position within UniSA School of Art, Architecture and Design and was an Australian Institute of Architects Professional mentor to final year Masters of Architecture students.

Chris Jeffery

Founding Director


+61 401 355 330

Chris is a registered architect with over 20 years of experience in the architecture industry and has worked at a number of large and small architecture practices in Adelaide. He has expertise in many project types and across all phases of the design and construction process, with significant hands-on construction and project management experience.

With a strong interest in environmentally responsive design, Chris has a number of published works on the subject, including a segment on a popular Australian TV show regarding his own house in the Adelaide foothills. Further design expertise includes creating flexible, dynamic and responsive spaces, often on difficult sites and utilising spatial efficiency to maintain budgetary restraints. In addition to his professional work, he tutors at the University of South Australia in multi-storey design construction and design communication and is a member of the Australian Accreditation Standing Panel.

Alexander Miller

Student of Architecture

Alex is currently completing his Master of Architecture at University of South Australia. He is interested in architecture that embodies contextual response and a sense of place. Alex’s appreciation of thoughtful design and detail in both objects and the built form is explored through photography and his work across schematic design, design development and contract documentation.

Thomas Johannsen

Graduate of Architecture

Collective/ Benjamin and Chris have been working together consistently since 2011 when they formed a working relationship on similar design techniques, vision and practice thinking in a large commercial architectural firm. Collaborative work on major projects evolved into a partnership of late night works and ultimately to the manifestation that is /PLY/. The partnership has grown into a lamination of collective ideas, shared visions and individual points of view creating a production of consistent project work and the promotion of an interconnected studio based practice. Engaging our theory and process of architecture and interior design we invite and include a cross pollination of other professionals to evolve and share our projects. Through collaborative works, whether it be other faculties of the built environment or artist based communities, we see an opportunity to create something refreshing, unique and individual/


Architecture/ we believe is the logical consideration of position and its people. The aspect, native, physical and technological must coexist with the client’s ideation, economic and time considerations, collectively laminated to deliver constructible, efficient, marketable and habitable outcomes.

Interior Design/ is a fundamental understanding of space. The synergy of tactile materiality and volumetric mass, collectively captured to emotively connect with the inhabitant is success. The feeling on hand is matched with that of sight, defining the external to internal experience blurring the threshold.

Sustainable Design/ is a core value of Ply. We believe sustainability is integral to the comprehension of architectural excellence. We strive to create architecture that remains malleable, aesthetic and positioned through change both environmentally and socially.

Master planning/ Urban Planning/ is the understanding of holistic value of site through the unique cultural and environmental dimensions in which its positioned.

Research/ is indispensable in the evolution and value of Ply. We continually build knowledge of the land, theoretical understanding, thinking processes, construction methodologies and material technology.

Capacity/ We have a diverse capability in many project types from residential extensions to large multi storey residential, commercial, hotel, retail and health projects, with the ability and desire through research and development, to grow our practice to understand and perform in all facets of architecture.

Process/ for us is the essential understanding of expectation. As a practice we focus on the innovation of architecture, the process of design remains identical no matter the scale or complexity of a project. We approach design in a methodical process of research and development, primarily understanding the project brief. From this we generate a summation of ideas, refining and discovering the best outcomes through different media; conversation, text, art, sketch, visual communication, physical models and computer generated models. This allows us to communicate an idea to our clients, builders and observers. Although the process of ideation is intrinsic, we recognise the success of a project is underpinned by its relationship to the idea and its communication into the functionality of a space.

Production/ is delivering quality architecture efficiently and accurately. The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology ensures we can provide a high quality of service whilst maintaining reasonable fees. We have thorough hands on understanding of construction techniques and processes, ensuring realistic project budgets are maintained throughout. We will never take on more projects than we can reasonably deliver, allowing all of our clients to receive a level of service required to achieve exceptional outcomes. This ensures the relationship between our clients and ourselves is a seamless and transparent bond.

Collaboration/ is promoted, as we open to embrace the knowledge of other disciplines. Through collaborative works, whether it be other faculties of the built environment or artist-based communities, we see an opportunity to create something refreshing, unique and individual to excel our clients’ aspirations.